AppImage vs Snap vs Flatpak

I was looking for a comparison between these three popular Linux Package Managers.  After reading a few, I decided to post a link to this one here for future reference because it was particularly well presented…

Package managers provide a way of packaging, distributing, installing, and maintaining apps in an operating system. With modern desktop, server and IoT applications of the Linux operating system and the hundreds of different distros that exist, it becomes necessary to move away from platform specific packaging methods to platform agnostic ones. This post explores 3 such tools, namely AppImage, Snap and Flatpak, that each aim to be the future of software deployment and management in Linux. At the end we summarize a few key findings.

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how to fix: Windows 10 Update 1803 or 1809 fails to install

Today I’ve had a Windows 10 laptop on my workbench, which has been running extremely slowly & the hard-drive thrashing madly.  Task Manager showed a constant 100% hard-drive access.  The customer thought it had a virus …and initially I thought so too because their antivirus subscription had expired some time ago.

Anyway… the problem turned out to be a long-standing Win10 problem with no definitive solution.  While researching, it became apparent that this machine had failed the Win10 update 1803 three times …and of course Windows just rolled it back each time and tried again (I heard somewhere that the definition of stupidity is to attempt the same thing the same way repetitively, expecting to somehow produce a different result).

Here’s what someone else had to say about their experience with the same issue …obviously they’d finally had enough and switched camps.  This is exactly why I switched to Linux Mint around ten years ago – it just works!

But I digress.  So, moving on… take a look over here on …method 2 worked for me.  Update 1809 was released recently and it actually updated to that release, which solved the problem with the hard-drive.

Thank goodness for Windows – without it how would we make a living fixing shit that breaks constantly?


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What is Device Census and Why is It Using My Webcam?

Device Census is a legit Windows 10 component.  It collects information which is required to tailor updates to your specific machine.

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AceStream Player on Linux

Recently I had reason to install Ace Stream Player on my laptop.  Seems there are a lot of how-to sites telling us all that AceStream is available only for Windows & Android.  Well I don’t use Windows and I didn’t want to resort to my phone, so I looked further.

Yes, AceStream is available for most major Linux distros.  I use Linux Mint and it works just fine!

Go to for more info.  To install on any Linux distro which supports Snap package management, simply open a command terminal and type:  “sudo snap install acestreamplayer” …without the quotes of course, then press ENTER.   Simple as that… the package will be downloaded and installed, then you’ll find “ACE Player HD” in your menu.

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Only in America…

The counting isn’t finalized yet, but so far Hillary Clinton has won more votes than Donald Trump in Tuesday’s presidential election, and her margin is expected to rise as more votes from California gradually get tallied.

But due to the magic of the Electoral College, Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States.

I wonder how that’s gonna pan out for them?

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Which OS does the International Space Station use?

I was doing some random reading today and found it interesting to note that (quote)

The operating system used for key station functions is the Debian Linux distribution.[179] The migration from Microsoft Windows was made in May 2013 for reasons of reliability, stability and flexibility.[180]



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NZ Govt to give $3m despite mass executions

The New Zealand Government still intends to give a $3 million abattoir to Saudi Arabia despite being concerned by the mass executions there this month.

In his weekly post cabinet press conference yesterday, Prime Minister John Key said the government was deeply concerned about the 47 executions the Saudi government carried out at the start of the month.

“Firstly because we don’t support the death penalty under any circumstances, secondly because we think it heightened tensions in the region – particularly with Iran,” Mr Key said.

But Mr Key said the abattoir would still be sent.

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